Recenzija: Najboljša vas na svetu; Arto Paasilinna

Distopični roman Najboljša vas na svetu je finski pistaelj Arto Paasilinna napisal leta 1992, a bralec hitro ugotovi, kako zelo aktualen je.Samanta Coraci, Primorske novice Več o romanu si lahko prebrete v Primorskih novciah. Ocena 3 / 5 Avtor: Arto Paasilinna Prevedla: Julija Potrč Šavli Strani: 295 Založba Mladinska knjiga Cena: 26,99 €

The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry by Rachel Joyce

After a long summer break (though we are well into autumn) me and Katja decided to read one of Jen Campbell's recommendations and that was The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry, a book written by Rachel Joyce. Harold Fry is a retired man living in a small village in the south of England with his... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Individutopia by Joss Sheldon

Indvidutopia is a dystopian book written by Joss Sheldon. Before being an author, Joss Sheldon has a degree from the London School of Economics, so he knows the topic he writes about. The story of Individutopia takes place in the year 2084 in London in a world where society doesn’t exist any more, only an... Continue Reading →

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