Book Review: Individutopia by Joss Sheldon

Indvidutopia is a dystopian book written by Joss Sheldon. Before being an author, Joss Sheldon has a degree from the London School of Economics, so he knows the topic he writes about.

The story of Individutopia takes place in the year 2084 in London in a world where society doesn’t exist any more, only an individual as a leading mentality, which results in the privatised, monopolised, commercialised oligarchy. It’s a world where people always compete with each other and work.

The book portrays a future that might happen if we continue to constantly stare at our smart phones. The author is trying to warn us that we are becoming such individuals whose only goal in life is pursuing fame and fortune and things we don’t need. And at the same time we are forgetting the true value of cooperative human relationships that are the basis of our society – a society that lives in symbiosis with nature.

Maybe you are not aware of this possible future or you don’t want to see, but the beginnings of it are amidst us. The technology is evolving, human workers are slowly being replaced with robots which create more profit for the already wealthy capitalist minority. With that kind of power and money, you can do anything. But what will happen to the majority of poor people?

With this book, Joss Sheldon provides a commentary on the contemporary society and where is our way if living leading the human race.

This book was a good read and it certainly felt like a wake up call. I do wish more people would read dystopian – think about the world we are living in, and also about what are our consumerist interests doing to nature. And finally, I wish more people would be more active to prevent such catastrophe.


Rating: 4 / 5


Author: Joss Sheldon
Length: 160 pages
Amazon: 4.87 $ Kindle edition



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