Book Review: Eternity’s Echo by Evan Hirson

Eternity's Echo is a sci-fi book written by Evan Hirson. It talks about a group of friends: Aaron, Mara, Kim and Jay and their housemate which nobody likes, Travis. Aaron is an intelligent guy who knows a lot about technology, Mara wants to be a model and a girl who hides her intelligence, Kim refuses... Continue Reading →

#zerowaste: Going zero waste (for beginners)

Lately I've been interested in Zero Waste living and because of this I am always searching for ways how to reduce waste in my home. We should aim not only to use ecological alternatives, for example a plastic bag with a paper bag, but we should try and reduce the amount of waste that ends... Continue Reading →

Book Review: A Dash of Flash by Millie Thom

A Dash of Flash is a collection of very short stories written by Millie Thom. The collection varies from contemporary, ghost stories to fairy tales and historical fiction. I thought that most of the stories are amusing. Some plots are more light-hearted than the others, some are even grim. Some stories are really short and... Continue Reading →

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